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Computer Science for CAPE Examinations Books
Jase-Omeileo West


Jase-Omeileo West: Software Developer; UI/UX Designer; BCs. in Computing with a Major in Computer Science; Author; Entrepreneur.


I have been intrigued by the vast and ever evolving world of technology ever since I saw my first computer in primary school. The more I learnt, the more I got jitters up my spine.


So it was no surprise then that I later on chose to do Information Technology at the CSEC level. I ended up copping the JAPPS award for 1st place in Jamaica in 2011. A year later, I chose to do Computer Science at the CAPE level, where I placed fifth in Jamaica for the UNIT 1 exam. I have since gone on to enter and win category prizes for various software development competitions such as DigitalJam 2.0 ("Stunning Beginners") and Coders of the Caribbean (best Yello Media Missing Children app), and even being awarded the Top Innovator award from National Commercial Bank (NCB) in their inaugural NCB Innovation Internship. I am now a Senior Software Developer.


These books were compiled with the CAPE Computer Science student in mind. Every detail of each book's design was devised to encourage studying: from their spiral bounding, insistent use of diagrams and neatly laid out code and examples, to their extremely close adherence to the latest syllabus. The books have been deemed great tools by students and teachers, providing more than an adequate amount of guidance required to perform optimally in both the CAPE examinations and the IAs.


Need any help? Feel free to shoot me an email on the contact page.

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