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Computer Science for CAPE Examinations: UNIT 1 (JMD 2300)

This study-friendly guide, written for the latest syllabus, covers all the computer science you’ll need to comfortably sit and pass the UNIT 1 CAPE Computer Science examination.

Key features making this book a great guide are:


  • It contains extensive information on each topic.

  • It is small, organized & portable so you can comfortably study anywhere!

  • It is structured to mirror the syllabus, making topics easy to find.

  • It has examples which emulate exam questions.

  • It has pseudocode, code, and diagrams to assist you with understanding programming concepts.

Computer Science for CAPE Examinations: UNIT 1 (JMD 2300)

  • Product Details

    Paperback: 219 pages

    Publisher: Jase-Omeileo West

    Language: English

    ISBN-13: 978-976-8246-21-9

    Product Dimensions: 0.8 x 5.5 x 8.5 inches

    Paper Type: Half Letter

    Weight: 0.5 kg

  • Price

    JMD 2300

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